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Preferences Dialog: Unable to Navigate to Individual Preference Panels using Single Letter Keyboard Navigation


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Steps to reproduce:

To reproduce (tested with the NVDA screen reader, but should be the same for sightet/mouse users):

  1. Open the main Preferences dialog (Tools/Options)

  2. Place focus on the list of preference categories (General, Search, etc)

  3. If you're an NVDA user, enable Focus Mode; otherwise, skip this step

  4. As a test, press the letter "P"; at this point, Firefox should ideally place focus on the "Privacy & Security" category; however, nothing happens and focus remains where it previously was

Actual results:

Focus stayed on the previously focused category.

Expected results:

Ideally, depending on the letter pressed Firefox should jump to the first category that has the starting letter of the key that was just pressed.

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