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Enable the pref for using expanded layout viewport by default on beta/release channels


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We are going to introduce a pref for expanding layout viewport verticaly even if there is no content in the expanded area. The pref is going to be initially enabled only on nightly, we will flip it on beta/release channels in this bug.

Blocks: 1523514

Do you have a release in mind for letting this ride the trains?

Nothing particular release version in my mind. When I landed bug 1508177, I heard that Firefox Preview Nightly will land soon, but it hasn't happened yet (bug 1575728). Anyways, I supposes a month in nightlies would be sufficient for testing in the wild.

Depends on: 1575728

Now The Firefox Preview Nightly has been released. Karl, if you find any suspicious new viewport compat issues only on Firefox Preview Nightly, please let us know. I think any webcompat issues are unlikely going to happen, instead users might see some graphic garbages when users do pinched-in/out or some such(but I suppose it won't happen either).

NI to myself. I am going to enable the pref on all channels once m-c started on version 72.

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Depends on: 1587799
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Enable layout.viewport_contains_no_contents_area on all channels. r=botond
Closed: 2 years ago
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(In reply to Kartikaya Gupta ( from comment #8)

Does this check need to be removed now that this bug is closed?

I was a bit concerned that it hasn't been used in any release versions of mobile, Fenix or Fennec either. That said, on Fenix, the QA team has been doing hard works and a lots of users have been reporting bugs in the Fenix github, and as far as I can tell, there is no bug reports related to the pref, so now I suppose it's reasonable to drop the preference. Filed bug 1650686 for that.

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