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Versioning in decoder benchmark entries


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We want to create a kind of versioning for the benchmark entries that are stored in the database. The versioning will be used to verify that a decoder produces entries for the right version. A version will be a number that follows the benchmark entries in the database.
The way that it works is, for example after a decoder update, we may want to mark the new benchmark entries with a new version. Then all the entries corresponding to the previous version will be erased, from the database, and a new version will be assigned to the new entries.

Add a new method in the key-value wrapper (KeyValueStorage) to clear all the entries of a database.

The new protocol method trasfers the database name and the version number from the content to the parent process. Then the parent process retrieves the stored version number from the database and compares it to the provided version number. If they are the same it stops there, otherwise it erases all the entries from the database and stores the new version number.

Introduce a static method to call the CheckVersion method of the IPDL protocol from the content process. Every time a video decoder is initialized, the method is called to verify the version of the stored benchmark entries.

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Introduce a method to clear all the entries of a database.r=jya
Introduce a check version method in the benchmark storage IPDL protocol.r=jya
Check the version of the stored benchmarks when a video decoder is initialized.r=jya
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