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Abort and BFCache handling for COEP headers


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Hmm. I think I'd prefer it if we didn't set the COEP here. Theoretically at this point the document could have the load aborted, in which case the previous document would now have the COEP of the document it was trying to load imposed on it, or we could navigate through the BFCache and end up at the wrong document.

Should this also block bug 1477743? It only blocking a closed bug doesn't really make it visible.

It's in 3.1.4:
Theinitialize the Document object algorithm sets the embedder policy for Documents to which a browsing context is navigated by adding a new step directly after Referrer Policy is initialized in step 6:

    Let document’s embedder policy be the result of obtaining an embedder policy from response.

Not sure if it makes sense to set the policy in Document::StartDocumentLoad like we set the Referrer-Policy

Assignee: nobody → valentin.gosu
Depends on: 1583863
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