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Convert vsync.parentProcess.highPriority to just use BrowserTabsRemoteAutoStart directly


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Currently the pref vsync.parentProcess.highPriority is set with BrowserTabsRemoteAutoStart [1], and then a mirror variable sHighPriorityPrefValue uses the pref value. This pref doesn't appear to be used anywhere else, and it doesn't really fit the pattern of prefs. sHighPriorityPrefValue could probably just store the value from BrowserTabsRemoteAutoStart directly and use it from there.


I'm looking at the pref and from a quick search I don't see it being used anywhere. It also doesn't have an entry in all.js or other corresponding files. As it stands I don't think it would cause any problems to remove the pref entirely and just use a code constant. If not, the way we get the value will have to be refactored to fit the pattern of prefs. In BrowserTabsAutoRemoteStart it looks like the value relies on a few factors, including the value of a different pref, so this may not be possible.

Ehsan, since you reviewed bug 1352523, is it okay to remove the vsync.parentProcess.highPriority pref and store the value directly instead?

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Hi Kris,

The purpose behind this pref was to use it as an emergency measure to turn off the feature. But ~2 years have passed, I think we can now remove both the pref and sHighPriorityPrefValue and the code that assumes it would be false.

Olli, what do you think?

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We have still non-e10s usage, so we need mozilla::BrowserTabsRemoteAutostart() call.
But just initializing sHighPriorityEnabled to mozilla::BrowserTabsRemoteAutostart() should be fine.

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Oh right yeah, we should keep non-e10s working of course.

Summary: Convert vsync.parentProcess.highPriority to just use BrowserTabsAutoRemoteStart directly → Convert vsync.parentProcess.highPriority to just use BrowserTabsRemoteAutoStart directly

Removes vsync.parentProcess.highPriority pref and stores BrowserTabsRemoteAutostart() directly into sHighPriorityEnabled.

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Remove vsync.parentProcess.highPriority . r=smaug
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