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Add support for the Browser Toolbox Toolbox


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With the fission work inside the Browser Toolbox it is now common to want to debug the browser toolbox. It would be great if it would be possible to open a toolbox for it, which would let us easily view logs, set breakpoints, etc.

I've tried doing a similar thing here:

./mach run --start-debugger-server 6081 &

sleep 2

MOZ_BROWSER_TOOLBOX_PORT=6081 ./mach run --temp-profile -chrome chrome://devtools/content/framework/toolbox-process-window.html --purgecaches --start-debugger-server 6082 &

sleep 2

MOZ_BROWSER_TOOLBOX_PORT=6082 /Applications/ --temp-profile -chrome chrome://devtools/content/framework/toolbox-process-window.html --purgecaches &

The key differences are:

  1. this script opens the last toolbox with the nightly bin. This is not necessary, but it is nice because it is likely to work.

  2. this script doesn't work. It would be great to have something that works :) One short-term solution would be to have supported MDN docs with a similar script.

I think the long term solution would be an option from within the browser toolbox to open a new toolbox. I do not know where it would go as we do not have the same application menu items.

Assignee: nobody → poirot.alex

From the browser toolbox, open another toolbox, in yet another process
which allows to debug the browser toolbox's process.
This typically allows debugging the browser toolbox frontend.
We use the the same key short currently used to open the browser from
Firefox frontend.

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Allow opening a toolbox debugging the Browser toolbox. r=jlast
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