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Synchronization makes Chaos


(Firefox :: Sync, defect)

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(Reporter: hicsuntleon, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


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Firefox for Android

Steps to reproduce:

Sorry about my english, im german!
I sorted all Bookmarks in many Folder. All Folder are in my Bookmark-Toolbar.
I use Firefox on Win 10, Linux Mint, iPhone and iPad.
Many Weeks without Problems

Actual results:

Since today i have all Folder in my Toolbar, and EACH Bookmark from all the Folder too. So i have hundreds of Bookmarks in my Toolbar.

Expected results:

Just my Folder without Bookmarks

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Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History

Hi Leon! We're really sorry that Sync made a mess of your bookmarks, but thank you for taking the time to report the bug.

You mentioned you use Firefox on Windows, Linux, and iOS. Which version of Firefox do you use on Windows and Linux? Do you also use Firefox for Android or Firefox Preview?

Could you please follow these instructions to upload a Sync log from the time you noticed the problem? (Either error or success is fine; they'll have names like error-sync-12345.txt or success-sync-12345.txt in about:sync-log).


Component: Bookmarks & History → Sync
Flags: needinfo?(hicsuntleon)
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