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Update Gecko to use new SVG filter primitives


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(Reporter: cbrewster, Unassigned)


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Gecko is not currently using the new SVG filter primitive support in WebRender. As we support more filter primitives, the logic determining whether or not WebRender can process a given SVG filter will become much more complex due to filter primitive subregions.

We should get filter primitive subregions implemented in WebRender and then update Gecko to use the new SVG filter path.

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I'll see if I can help get this landed.

Assignee: nobody → bwerth appears to be using SVG filters that will now be supported once this lands.

Would be nice to confirm that we start handling those filters directly in WR once this lands.

No longer blocks: gfx-triage
Blocks: 1782834

I haven't accomplished anything here. I don't have the background into how the clip rects work in WebRender. Dependency Bug 1573657 is unassigned. Whoever takes that on should take this one, too.

Assignee: bwerth → nobody
Severity: normal → S3

This bug is made largely obsolete by Bug 1824502, as I reimplemented a more complete set of SVG filters in the diff I am working on in that bug.

Depends on: 1824502
See Also: → 1897223
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