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Perma [taskcluster:error] exit status 49


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect, P5)



(firefox70 fixed)

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firefox70 --- fixed


(Reporter: intermittent-bug-filer, Unassigned)


(Keywords: intermittent-failure)

Filed by: cbrindusan [at]
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[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.392Z] # Move the wrench-deps vendored crates into place
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.392Z] mv ${MOZ_FETCHES_DIR}/wrench-deps/{vendor,.cargo} gfx/wr
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.392Z] + mv Z:/task_1565859436/fetches/wrench-deps/vendor Z:/task_1565859436/fetches/wrench-deps/.cargo gfx/wr
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.428Z] cd gfx/wr
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.428Z] + cd gfx/wr
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.429Z]
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.429Z] # This is needed for the WebRender standalone reftests
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.429Z] powershell.exe 'iex (Get-Content -Raw ci-scripts\set-screenresolution.ps1); Set-ScreenResolution 1920 1080'
[task 2019-08-15T10:27:54.429Z] + powershell.exe 'iex (Get-Content -Raw ci-scripts\set-screenresolution.ps1); Set-ScreenResolution 1920 1080'
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.257Z] Success
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.322Z]
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.322Z] # Run the CI scripts
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.322Z] export CARGOFLAGS='--verbose --frozen'
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.322Z] + export 'CARGOFLAGS=--verbose --frozen'
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.322Z] + CARGOFLAGS='--verbose --frozen'
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.322Z] cmd.exe /c 'ci-scripts\windows-tests.cmd'
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.322Z] + cmd.exe /c 'ci-scripts\windows-tests.cmd'
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.425Z]
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.425Z] z:\task_1565859436\build\src\gfx\wr>if NOT DEFINED CARGOFLAGS SET CARGOFLAGS=--verbose
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.426Z]
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.426Z] z:\task_1565859436\build\src\gfx\wr>pushd webrender_api
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.426Z]
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.426Z] z:\task_1565859436\build\src\gfx\wr\webrender_api>cargo test --verbose --frozen
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.431Z] 'cargo' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.431Z] operable program or batch file.
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.431Z]
[task 2019-08-15T10:28:02.431Z] z:\task_1565859436\build\src\gfx\wr\webrender_api>if 9009 NEQ 0 EXIT /b 9009
[fetches 2019-08-15T10:28:02.441Z] removing Z:/task_1565859436/fetches
[fetches 2019-08-15T10:28:03.430Z] finished
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:03.453Z] Exit Code: 49
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:03.453Z] User Time: 0s
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:03.453Z] Kernel Time: 15.625ms
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:03.453Z] Wall Time: 5m41.2247986s
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:03.453Z] Result: FAILED
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:03.453Z] === Task Finished ===
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:03.453Z] Task Duration: 5m41.2267512s
[taskcluster 2019-08-15T10:28:04.190Z] Uploading redirect artifact public/logs/live.log to URL with mime type "text/plain; charset=utf-8" and expiry 2020-08-14T09:56:00.352Z
[taskcluster:error] exit status 49

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Fixup for bug 1573435 to unbust webrender-windows jobs. r=me
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla70
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