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Control MediaStreamGraph shutdown from the main thread


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In light of recent MediaStreamGraph lifetime issues (see See Also) we could simplifiy things by deciding on main thread in advance when a graph will be shutdown.

We can do this by keeping a MediaStream count that's incremented in AddStream() and decremented in MediaStream::Destroy(). When this reaches zero after having been non-zero we remove the graph from gGraphs. Like proposed in bug 1572858 comment 3 we should assert in AddStream() that the current graph is present in gGraphs to catch invalid uses.

Possibly we need a tail-dispatched runnable to take the decision to shut down, such that an event loop task doing stream->Destroy(); graph->AddStream(stream2); doesn't shut the graph down. Perhaps an audit of existing uses of both Destroy and AddStream could shine some light on the need for this.

Remaining lifetime logic can remain in place, so that the graph shuts down automatically when things have been cleaned up on the graph thread.

This effectively also removes the use case and need for GraphDriver::Revive, allowing us to do a bunch of bonus cleanup in both MediaStreamGraph and GraphDriver.

Priority: -- → P3
Assignee: nobody → apehrson

This gives control of the graph's lifetime to main thread. Not being in gGraphs
means it's not meant to be used for any new streams as it will irreversibly be
shutting down.

This obsoletes GraphDriver::Revive.

Depends on D43596

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Remove a graph that becomes empty from gGraphs synchronously. r=karlt,padenot
Remove GraphDriver::Revive. r=karlt,padenot
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Duplicate of this bug: 1576662
Crash Signature: [@ mozilla::AudioCallbackDriver::Revive()]
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