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Remove unused FailurePath from BaselineCacheIRCompiler::emitCompareStringResult


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BaselineCacheIRCompiler::emitCompareStringResult creates a FailurePath, but never uses it.

Matthew, do you want to mentor this issue as a good-first-bug?

Flags: needinfo?(mgaudet)
Priority: -- → P3

Can Do!

Mentor: mgaudet
Flags: needinfo?(mgaudet)
Keywords: good-first-bug

Hi Matthew, here's a patch for this. This is my first open-source contribution so let me know if I missed or misunderstood something.

Hey Ayrton;

This looks like it's definitely on the right path. There's a couple steps yet.

You'll want to follow the walkthrough here, and links from there on setting up phabricator and mozilla's review tool moz-phab.

Before you submit the patch, your commit messages should look something like this

Bug 1575219 - Remove unused failure path from BaselineCacheIRCompiler::emitCompareStringResult r?mgaudet

That way, the patch will get linked to this bug as well as directed to me for review.

After you get that up, what'll happen is I'll download your patch, apply it and push it to the mozilla try server which is how we interact with our pre-delivery continuous integration testing. Then, once that's done, I'll approve your patch, and submit it for landing, assuming everything goes smoothly.

Then after that we'll have to find you something new to work on!

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Remove unused failure path from BaselineCacheIRCompiler::emitCompareStringResult r=mgaudet
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