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Publish Fenix Nightly and create a Closed Test w/ Google Groups for Fenix Beta channel


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We've (finally) reached our Google Play Store plan for the additional Fenix channels, and we're ready to open up Fenix Nightly and Beta channels.

  1. Nightly
    Please publish the Firefox Preview Nightly app (org.mozilla.fenix.nightly). Mitch Hentges from releng will update TC so that new Nightly builds will automatically be published to the release channel, so users can get the most recent Nightly.

(We won't close down the "nightly" track of Firefox Preview yet - we'll migrate users, and then at some point in the near future, shut down that track)

  1. Closed Beta w/ Google Groups
    Create a "Closed Test with Googlegroups track" for the org.mozilla.fenix.beta app, named "beta-closed". The googlegroup associated with it should be

Please send me the opt-in url so we can include it in our google group info.

Loren will update the Beta GPS information, and then we will start to recruit users to join and install the app.

For reference, I'm looking at the Google Play Store test tracks info here:

To document in-bug, I just spoke with :liuche on slack and we're ok with waiting until Mitch is back next week for new apk's and will just need relman for Play Store parts.

Followed up with Mitch!

Next steps for relman:

  1. Publish the Nightly channel. The apks that we have in the Nightly channel are good to go - Mitch can update the releng parts after they're published, this isn't blocked on Releng.

  2. Create the Closed test track in Beta. This way, releng can publish to it.

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Who owns the store listing for org.mozilla.fenix.nightly? As far as I can tell we're missing some of the info listed at before we can publish it.

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I know Loren asked to get more permissions, but he owns that information. Flagging him for NI.

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Quick update: Loren has updated the descriptions and adding screenshots, but he's waiting on logos. Then we'll be ready to push this through.

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Hi, this should be ready on our side, so back to relman for this!

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For org.mozilla.fenix.nightly, is the intent to publish as open beta (similar to fennec nightly), or production?

If open beta, do we want to provide a feedback email address or URL?

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Hi Julien,

I'd like to publish it as a Closed beta (exactly like Fenix Nightly currently is, where people can't search for it in the store, but need to sign up for the google group).

I'm going by the definitions in this link:

The google group associated is this:
Closed Beta w/ Google Groups
Create a "Closed Test with Googlegroups track" for the org.mozilla.fenix.beta app, named "beta-closed". The googlegroup associated with it should be

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I'm still confused. I asked about org.mozilla.fenix.nightly, your reply seems to be about org.mozilla.fenix.beta.

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Oh sorry! for Nightly, it should be as an open Beta (similar to Fennec Nightly) - we want users to be able to find and download it on the Play Store, but we want it to have the "Experimental" label.

Email:, and can you use that for Firefox Preview (Release) as well? Chatted w/ Vesta and she'd like that email to be used for all the Firefox Preview products (while we're in Preview that is).

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For org.mozilla.fenix.beta:

  • created "beta-closed" closed testing track
  • testing method is through google group
  • the latest available apk is from June 10. Should we put something newer there before we publish?

For org.mozilla.fenix.nightly:

  • open beta testing with no maximum number of testers, feedback to
  • the latest available apk is from July 1st. Should we put something newer there before we publish?
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the latest available apk is from July 1st. Should we put something newer there before we publish?

Good point - automation wasn't able to update the nightly app because "Only releases with status draft may be created on draft app.".

If we wanted to update the nightly app before making it public, we'd need it to be done by hand (here's a link to the current newest nightly app APKs).

Alternatively, we could make the app public, then allow it to be updated by automation within the next day from that July 1st build to the most up-to-date build.

Julien I'd prefer to just make it public as-is, and not wait any longer for this to publish. We're not immediately asking people to download yet, so I'm fine waiting for automation to update the builds. The important thing is to make it available for us to actually update, use, test. It has to go through QA anyway before we market it, so the earlier it gets published the better.

Once we have the channel ready, Mitch do you also need to update where the Beta TC task publishes when we make a -beta tag?

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Yeah, for beta I'll need to make some automation changes once the channel is ready (IIRC, automation thinks that the beta channel is using a public track, not a private one)

Both apps (org.mozilla.fenix.beta and org.mozilla.fenix.nightly) are missing a mandatory "feature graphic" in their store listings.

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Feature graphic added for both Fenix Nightly/Beta

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Both apps are now submitted and pending publication.

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Looks like both are published now.

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Should I be able to find Fenix Nightly in the Play Store?

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It's at but for now it's an old build, per comment 11. Mitch should be able to tell us when new apks are pushed.

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It looks like the current apk has the same app icon as "Firefox Preview" will the new apk have a different app icon?

We just merged the PR to start sending Nightlies to the new public Nightly channel, so we should have a new apk on the Nightly channel within a day!

For the Beta track, I'm running into some trouble (but will wait and see if it resolves). I'm trying to sign up with the fenix-beta-testers@googlegroups but for some reason, it says
"App not available
A testing version of this app hasn't been published yet or isn't available for this account."

From following these steps:
Join this Google Group with the same Google account you use on your device to download apps from Google Play.

After you have joined the group, opt-in to receive Beta builds, again with the same Google account:

Go to Google Play and install the app. It can take a while (after opting in) until the first Beta build appears:
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Looks like I didn't set up the beta-closed track properly, sorry about that. Looks better now on the play console side, but still shows the error. I'll give it a few hours...

Thanks! I have access to the new beta track now.

Issue tracking new launcher icons is here:

Hey Mitch, I still don't seem to see the Nightly track updating - I remember you talking with Johan about this, but I wasn't sure if the commit had just not run, or something else was the problem.

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Looks like an issue was found with the pushapk workers, Johan has a fix in-flight.

I'll clear NI-s when the fix lands. At that point, there should be a new nightly within 24 hours

The open beta track for org.mozilla.fenix.nightly now has a build from Sep 23rd.

The beta-closed track for org.mozilla.fenix.beta is still on the Jun 10 build.

Automation needs some work to get beta builds going again.
I'm going to clear the current NI and will investigate automating betas in the next couple weeks.

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