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Surface enable/disable actions in Themes Manager


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(Reporter: amyt, Assigned: mstriemer)


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The enable/disable actions are currently in the meatball menu of the themes list view. We would like to surface them one level higher so users can enable and disable themes without having to click into the meatball menu.

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Priority: -- → P1
See Also: → 1565057
Assignee: nobody → mstriemer

Per 9/26/19 meeting:

  • Change "Enabled" section header to "Your Active Theme"
  • Change "Disabled" section header to "Other Installed Themes"
  • Add "Disable" button to the current theme
  • Add "Enable" button to themes listed under "Your Themes"
  • Meatball menu options should be "Remove" and "Manage"
  • Add theme skeleton to the 3 default themes

Emanuela to attach sketches, Jeff to review proposed copy changes above.

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Can we consider "Your Themes" instead of "Your Theme Collection"? The term "collection" can be confused with the AMO feature.

Yep, edited comment 1 with the update.

For Disabled Themes, can we do "Installed Themes"

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How about "Your Active Theme" for the current theme, and "Other Installed Themes" for the disabled themes?

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I'm fine with that!

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Attached image dark-theme.svg

Skeleton Dark Theme

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Attached image light-theme.svg

Skeleton light theme

Attached image default-theme.svg

Skeleton default theme

Attached image themes-ui-2019.jpg

Reference mock.

Not included in the mock but included in the actual page is the section Recommended Themes below Other Installed Themes.

See Also: → 1570792
Pushed by
Part 1: Show theme previews for built-in themes, hide theme icons r=rpl,Gijs
Part 2: Surface enable/disable button on theme cards r=rpl,Gijs
Pushed by
Part 1: Show theme previews for built-in themes, hide theme icons r=rpl,Gijs
Part 2: Surface enable/disable button on theme cards r=rpl,Gijs
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla72


Verified the fix on the latest Nightly (72.0a1/20191126212708) under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and MacOS Catalina 10.15.

Going over several variants of the layout of the Themes Manager which were proposed throughout the comments in this ticket and the state of the Themes Manager on the latest Nightly, the following were observed:

  • in what regards the buttons to enable/disable themes present on the themes cards, these have been detailed in Comment 10 of
  • the headers proposed for the Enabled and Disabled themes are not present. The old ones are still used.
  • built-in themes have previews now

Please see the attached screenshot for further details.

Can you please confirm that these are intended changes before changing the status of the bug? Thank you!

Flags: needinfo?(mstriemer)
Depends on: 1599813

That's correct. I filed bug 1599813 since the headings should've been updated, but I forgot about it.

Flags: needinfo?(mstriemer)


I will verify this fix after the dependency ( has been fixed and validated.

Duplicate of this bug: 1516355
See Also: → 1505781
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