Open Bug 1576132 Opened 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago

QM: Add telemetry for quota caching


(Core :: Storage: Quota Manager, enhancement, P2)





(Reporter: janv, Unassigned)



This bug is about adding telemetry probes to track the number of cache load failures we experience. We want to be able to differentiate between:

  • SQLite error
  • metadata inconsistency

We also probably want a histogram over the number of "accessed" origins that we had to reinitialize the slow way. (So each data-point is a separate call to LoadQuota).

We probably also want telemetry to know at startup which of the following happened:

  • We had a valid cache and we tried to use it
  • We had a valid cache but the "purge cache" mechanism forced us to not use it.
  • We had just upgraded so there couldn't be a cache. (Not sure if we need this, but it helps provide total coverage.)
  • We didn't have a valid cache

(This was suggested by :asuth in D38817)

Priority: -- → P2
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