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Run macOS tests on integration branches


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Can we start monitoring tresize on macOS for regressions? It seems like a very reliable and stable test that should hardly ever produce false alerts.

I can see four regressions in the graph for the last year and I don't think we have a bug filed on any of them.

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The tresize test isn't the only one that's not running on integration branches and therefore not generating regression alerts. I suspect this was either a capacity concern, or an oversight.

jmaher/fubar: Do you recall any such capacity concerns? If not, then let's review all tests for macOS and enable them on these branches so that we can sheriff them. (I can't currently needinfo jmaher)

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Summary: No regression alerts for macOS tresize tests → Run macOS tests on integration branches

I have no recollection, sorry.

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I added the tresize suite to run trunk for the mac builds...

If we need to add any other platforms and tests please specify

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Apologies for not being more explicit, but I removed 'tresize' from the summary and mentioned in comment 1 that we should review all tests. Let's remove the macos platform from run-on-projects/by-test-platform for all Talos tests, allowing this platform to use the default value of ['mozilla-beta', 'trunk', 'try'].

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