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multicol element max-content size doesn't account for wide content, when column-count and column-width are both specified


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All of the red-bordered boxes are the same width, and all of the blue-bordered boxes are the same width.

EXPECTED RESULTS (just from a compat-with-Chrome perspective):
The bottom red/blue boxes should perhaps be wider to account for their wider content.

I'm pretty sure the spec doesn't define the correct behavior right now, so I'm simply filing this as a known incompatibility at this point.

Note on the spec: says U is the used width of the multi-column element, and that's used as an input for determining the resolved column-width and column-count. There's a green box that says This specification does not define how U is calculated, and it references css3-box and css3-sizing which are expected to define this (but do not define it currently AFAICT).

(This compat bug is the root of BTW. The site there expects the Chrome behavior.)

Webcompat Priority: --- → ?
Webcompat Priority: ? → P3
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