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input type=number on Windows shows two very small arrow buttons (height=4.5px each)


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David, you mentioned that you spent a bit of time looking into the button sizing. The patch looks fine and improves things for larger number inputs, but do you have any thoughts on this?

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The patch seems like a good approach to me (although I didn't review carefully); it seems to be doing basically the same thing I was thinking in bug 1169203 comment 6.

I'd just note that it's worth testing across platforms, and with both 1 and 2 being the ratio of CSS pixels to device pixels (e.g., because I know that on Ubuntu's default (I think?) theme the buttons actually stick out of the input a little bit when the resolution implies 1 CSS pixel == 1 device pixel), and probably also at different zooms.

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Hey Jonathan, is there something that you're waiting on me for before you finish the review?

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No, I've just been away. Sorry for the delay.

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Allow spinner buttons to grow to full size in input[type=number]. r=jwatt
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Hi, This issue is Verified as Fixed on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 but it seems on Mac OsX 10.15 the arrows remain unchanged, I will attach a screenshot from the latest Nightly build. I saw no difference from Release 70, to this Nightly build, How should we proceed with this can someone please take a look ?

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Duplicate of this bug: 1554573
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