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provide navigation for internal (help) about: pages


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Thunderbird 78.0


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Whilst Tb does not provide an URL bar the internal about: pages are only accessible/exposed via about:support (help -> troubleshooting information).

This being stepping stone to other about: pages, however once reached such page there is no way to return to about:support, unless it would be expected with backspace which though however is not working (TB 69.0b4 (64-bit) on W10).

It thus requires to open again about:support via help -> troubleshooting information. That is a bit cumbersome and it would be welcome if navigation (back/forth) would be possible.

Component: General → Mail Window Front End
Summary: provide navigation for internal about pages → provide navigation for internal (help) about: pages

I agree. Also bad that when you're looking for add-ons, there is a point of no return/back.

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Moving that back to "normal", it's actually quite annoying, see bug 1579725.

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Please forget about a 'going back' function that is just as bad. That still means closing of information which you have just opened.
I need it to simply open in a new tab, so both are visible and anything else I open from links within Troubleshooting Information stays open independently.
I do not want to go back and forth like a yoyo. It's already a pain in the butt with that being added to the new menu/hamburger - removing the quick view hover over that speeds up processing was one of the most stupid things that occurred recently - I'm not interested in additional load of clicking just to get views and then go back and then go forward etc. That nonintuitive process that requires and assumes you already know the entire menu before you look at it. It is driving me potty with all these useless gimmicks being copied directly from Firefox. They just do not work very well in Thunderbird.

So please, open every link from Troubleshooting Information in a new tab.

Richard, I think you worked on the location bar in the past. Ideas?

I removed this rule to show the location bar. It shows then about:support in it but when clicking on a link to an other about page the location bar doesn't show the new URL. I don't know what happens here.

For comment 3: we could add a target="_blank" to every link (where possible) to let the page open in a new tab.

I've added the target="_blank" to the links to let the other pages open in a new tab.

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Makes sense! r=mkmelin
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Use target="_blank" in about:support to open new tabs for other about: pages. r=mkmelin

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