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Insert Special Character does not work anymore


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, defect)

Not set


(thunderbird_esr6869+ fixed, thunderbird70 fixed, thunderbird71 fixed)

Thunderbird 71.0
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thunderbird_esr68 69+ fixed
thunderbird70 --- fixed
thunderbird71 --- fixed


(Reporter: nekrub2, Assigned: iann_bugzilla)


(Keywords: regression)


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Steps to reproduce:

Until last week I could write in a mail the Swedish name Åke, using the insert special character function. When I click now on it to insert nothing happens.

Actual results:

When I click now on it to insert nothing happens. Choosing a second time insert special character doesn't open the pop-up any more.

Expected results:

I would have expected that with version 68.0 (32-Bit) this function would still work and I could insert a special character into the text.

Sorry, yes, that got broken in TB 68.0. We'll get it fixed for TB 68.1.

Component: Mail Window Front End → Message Compose Window
Ever confirmed: true

using the insert special character function

How? and Where?

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Write window. Click in body. Menu: Insert > Characters and Symbols ... Click "Insert". Nothing inserted. On the next attempt the menu doesn't even appear.

Thanks, Alice. Bug 1541789 strikes again. I thought that when looking through the code last night in comment #2, but didn't see anything obvious. But given to the strange behaviour that the panel doesn't come up a second time, maybe it's related to bug 1541144.

Ian, I see you more active lately. Any idea what has gone wrong here. It would affect SM, too.

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Flags: needinfo?(iann_bugzilla)

Maybe something like this?

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Thank you so much, Ian. I must be blind:
How did I not see that :-(

Your patch looks spot-on, I'll give it a whirl in a little while.

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Fix edinsertchars accept/close

Working, thank you.
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 71.0
Assignee: nobody → iann_bugzilla

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Fix dialogaccept/dialogcancel of 'Insert Special Character'. r=jorgk

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Working in TB 68.1.

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