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Clean up marionette test conditions for Fennec


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testing/marionette/harness/marionette_harness/tests/unit/ code has various @skip_if_mobile conditions, which are no longer required because we won't be running marionette tests against Fennec any longer.

Priority: -- → P3

Geoff, what do all the new dependencies actually mean for this particular bug? Note that we won't be able to run any of those tests with a geckoview application. As such all the tests are desktop only.

(In reply to Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) [⌚️UTC+2] from comment #2)
These are the bug numbers found in fennec references that my patch removes. I was trying to respond to your review comment "We should make sure to add all those known bugs as dependencies". Perhaps I took that too literally?

Some, like bug 1534291, are Fennec-specific test failures. I'd be tempted to close bugs like that as DUPs of this bug, or perhaps as INVALID, with a note that we won't run these tests against Fennec any longer. Others, like bug 1298921, have a wider scope and might be better kept open. Thoughts?

No worries! It gave me a good overview of remaining issues. Most of them I was able to sort out. There is only bug 1519552 where I need some feedback from James. And bug 1298921 will be fixed later today, or on Monday.

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Cleanup fennec references in marionette tests; r=whimboo,ato
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