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consider removing the calendar wcap support


(Calendar :: Provider: WCAP, task)

Not set


(Not tracked)

Thunderbird 73.0


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WCAP is an odd standard -

I suppose, it was only the Sun servers that ever implemented it. It's successor Oracle Communications Messaging Server has had CalDAV support for almost a decade, so if there is any WCAP usage left, people have a good upgrade path they can use.

It would seem best to bury this, and focus on improved CalDAV support instead.

There is only 5 bugs touched in the last 5 years in this bugzilla component...!

I was pretty sure I filed a bug to remove this. I believe I checked with a few WCAP folks via email a long while ago and there was no interest in maintaining it as an add-on. I've put them on CC just to make sure I didn't forget about a reply.

Based on Bug 1582429 / Bug 1582746 there are still WCAP users with Thunderbird 68.

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I'll see if I can extract this into a repository and make it an add-on as well, but I can't commit to maintaining it. If someone wants to pick it up I'm happy to add ownership to that repo.

Again just the changes minus removals. I deleted:


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What do we know about the URLs? Is it possible to autodetect CalDAV support and move to that, for existing users? (Maybe after bug 306495?)

I'm sure it would be possible in some form, though I currently don't feel it is worth the migration effort. This is a provider last actively developed about 10 years ago and users of it will be rare. If we get support questions, we can point them to the github repo I set up at .

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Was there a try run? checkin-needed?

After this, I assume the calendar subscription dialog is also dead, and can be removed.

For the checkin, see bug 1584614 comment #3.

(In reply to Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] from comment #7)

After this, I assume the calendar subscription dialog is also dead, and can be removed.

The feature was originally written for WCAP, but it could be useful for CalDAV as well. I believe the RFC allows for searching of calendars, and I believe Cyrus also has a draft for more advanced calendar search. If we want to revamp this feature with completely new UI based on HTML I'd be ok removing it for now though.

So can we finish this off?

Let's consider the subscription dialog in a followup. I'd be happy if someone could do a try run for me, but I think this is essentially ready to go.

Full removal patch which was on try. Seems try is happy so I'll go ahead and land it later then.

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Remove WCAP provider. r=darktrojan

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Hmm, we have no 73 milestone yet. Philipp, is it you who's creating those?

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Make it 72 in the meantime.

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Target Milestone: 72 → 73
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