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Implement browserAction.openPopup


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Thunderbird 71.0
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The use case for this is to have multiple commands from the command API open the browser action popup, and depending on which key was pressed the popup behaves differently.

The only way I see this could be done is to use named commands instead of _execute_browser_action and then:

browser.commands.onCommand.addListener((name) => {
  lastCommand = name;

Then the popup can use browser.runtime.getBackgroundPage().lastCommand. Looks like openPopup is not implemented for us, though it seems like a simple thing to do. Geoff, do you remember why it wasn't implemented?

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Fix - v1

I don't recall why this was never implemented. This seems to do the trick, although I found testing it complicated on account of the need to call openPopup from an event listener.
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Implement browserAction.openPopup. r=darktrojan

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Fix - v1

I'd like to see this in release if possible, it would help me for an add-on I'm working on.
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Fix - v1

Refer to comment in bug 1545932 comment #6. Do you require beta exposure? This looks small and low-risk.
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I feel this doesn't need a beta cycle since it just adds a feature.

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