Attachments should not necessarily be included in replies



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Someone sends me an HTML file attached to a message. Mozilla mail renders it
inline, below a horizontal rule. That's usually pretty cool. However, when I hit
reply, Mozilla includes that attachment in my reply, quoted and everything. 

There should be an option to either prevent Mozilla from rendering attachments
inline or to prevent it from including attachments in the quoted reply text.
IIRC, there is a way to stop it from displaying inline attachments, but I think
it's just a JS pref for now, no GUI for it.. Can anybody confirm this ?


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17 years ago
Yes, it's bug Bug 55657- Possibility to disable Display inline attachments.


16 years ago
QA Contact: trix → yulian
QA Contact: yulian → stephend
I'm confirming this.

I am however unsure if this is a dupe of bug 118962
I'm confirming this.(really)
Assignee: mscott → sspitzer
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Summary: [RFE] Attachments should not necessarily be included in replies → Attachments should not necessarily be included in replies
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14 years ago
The option to display inlined content has been present for some time in
Thunderbird and Mozilla mail and accessible via the GUI (View -> Display
Attachments Inline).

When forwarding a message like this, the attachments are preserved as
attachments and not included in the body of the forwarded messages (at least on
Tbird 1.0.7 from the Debian packages)
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11 years ago
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Russell, Henrik can you try to reproduce with a recent TB3.0 or Seamonkey 2a ( and comment on the bug if the issue still exists ?
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