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Firefox does not print complete web pages for


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Steps to reproduce:

FF is incapable of printing out the complete content of webpages. It will print only one page out of a number of pages, so the information is incomplete. I must routinely use my Safari browser to shop on in order to obtain complete pdfs of my merchandise.

Actual results:

FF will only print the first page of “x” number of pages, so I have to copy and paste the webpage address into my Safari browser to get a complete pdf of the item, which in some cases could be 10 pages long. I may not need all 10 pages, but with Safari I am able to delete the unwanted pages from my pdf while obtaining all the key pages of information I need. I cannot do that with FF.

Expected results:

Firefox should have printed the entire content of the webpage, not just a portion of it. FF routinely eliminates whole sections of text on and many other websites, which can amount to a number of pages. I have to rely on Safari to get complete pdfs on, because Firefox only gives me a 1-page pdf of the webpage.

Notice the difference between the 1-page pdf created with Firefox of the Maille mustard I was purchasing, compared to the 10-page that Safari created for the same product listing. I only needed 2 pages of the product information, so I deleted 8 pages from the Safari pdf., however you can see on the 2nd page at the bottom right footer area that it is page 3 of 10 pages. Not so with Firefox. FF consistently only sees 1 page of multiple pages of content. The footer information indicates page 1 of 1, even though this product contained 10 pages worth of content on Safari.

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Thanks for the bug report! I'm pretty sure this is due to the flex container that contains the entire content of the page. This is something we are planning to fix soon.

(I have the same mustard in my fridge...)

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Just found your comment Cameron, LOL! Nothing compares to Maille Old Style Mustard! Glad Firefox is planning a fix soon.

Firefox Nightly (2020-05-13) should be able to print the page now. Fixed by bug 1622935.

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