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Calendar List View order changed after installing Provider for Google Calendar (70.0b1)


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Steps to reproduce:

Started TB 70.0b1 with a test profile to test calendar functionality.
Created another calendar on my computer named "Events".
Installed Provider for Google Calendar 70.0b1.
Created my Google Network calendar.
Subscribed to my 5 read-only calendars and the main writable calendar.

What happened:

All calendars appeared in the correct order.
At first the lock icons for the read-only calendars did not appear.
Restarted Thunderbird.
Lock icons appeared and the order of the calendars was rearranged in the Calendar List with my Gmail calendar at the top.

What should have happened:

Lock Icons should have appeared after subscribing to the read-only calendars.
Calendar List View should have stayed in the order calendars were created.
5 read-only calendars under Gmail.

Severity: normal → critical

gData is really a 3rd-party add-on which happens to be hosted in the comm-central tree for some historical reasons unknown to me. There are currently some considerations of removing if from the tree, see bug 1570933 comment #4 (last line) and discussions in other forums.

So IMHO we need to determine what part of the system is at fault, Calendar or gData. If it's gData, we'd need to close this as "invalid" like we do with all add-on related failures. Or alternatively, the add-on owner can track the fix here.

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According to description this is just a cosmetic issue? List of calendars can be manually sorted.

Severity: critical → normal

This is probably related to bug 1561530 and not the fault of the Google provider. I suspect the pref with the order is not being updated with new calendars and they are appearing in a default position. Will look into it.

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How are the locks applied to the calender?
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Review of attachment 9091358 [details] [diff] [review]:

Changes look good.  After re-arranging the order and restarting, the order was preserved.  Great to have tests for this.  I don't see a try server run yet.
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Save calendar sort order pref when a new calendar is added. r=pmorris

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Looks like calendar/test/browser/browser_calendarList.js passes on Linux but not Mac or Windows on both c-c and c-b.

Where from here? Ignore the failure?

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Oh, you're kidding – the drag and drop test is failing. I suppose I should've expected that. :-/

I'll look into why, in the mean time, let's ignore it.

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follow-up: fix faulty test; rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD

I should know better than to assume our test suites work consistently. I've changed the test to explicitly do what I originally wanted.

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