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Allow browser.messages.query to find read or unread messages


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Not set


(thunderbird_esr6870+ fixed, thunderbird70 fixed, thunderbird71 fixed)

Thunderbird 71.0
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thunderbird_esr68 70+ fixed
thunderbird70 --- fixed
thunderbird71 --- fixed


(Reporter: hermar05, Assigned: darktrojan)



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Steps to reproduce:

I tried making a Gloda message query with the parameter "read".

Actual results:

Error: Type error for parameter queryInfo (Unexpected property "read") for messages.query.

Expected results:

a messagelist with the messages which are unread

Darktrojan and I worked on a workaround for the read parameter.
I attached said workaround.

Can we get this into the Daylie version?

Can you turn this into a patch and ask for review? Or at least tell me which file you're changing and I can do the patch. Looking at this again, this is add-on code, right? This is not in our code base.

to be honest... I dont know how to turn it into a patch...
I just built it and like last time I hoped that Darktrojan would turn it into a patch.
I do believe that it is somewhere in your code base under the browser.message otherwise I wouldnt be able to use it currently.

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Summary: Gloda Query with read returns unexpected property error → Allow browser.messages.query to find read or unread messages
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Allow browser.messages.query to find read or unread messages. r=mkmelin

Closed: 8 months ago
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Any uplifts here? I guess it won't be of much use in TB 71+

Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 71.0
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Doesn't look like a terribly complicated change, so OK to take it.
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No one answered the question as to whether this needed uplift. So I stuck it onto TB 70 beta. The patch doesn't apply to TB 68 at all. So if you want it backported, please rebase it.
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