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[meta] [Skyline] Dandelion X-Pollination Project for Fx Monitor


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This effort came from an executive ask to link all the products/services. It's meant to be a global navigation instrument that serves 2 purposes, a well recognized product that people will know what it is and a navigation instrument that serves the branding and awareness needs.

Dandelion is what we’re calling the cross-pollinating UI component in our Webapps (and their landing pages) when viewed on desktop & mobile, in Firefox and in other browsers. It works as a system with the related (but separate) FxA Toolbar menu (desktop + mobile browser) workstreams.

Visio -

This effort was approved to be part of Skyline at the Change Control Board meeting on Monday, September 9.
Javaun Moradi is the PM
Holly Collier and Philip Walmsley are UX
Jeff Pfaller is Content
Lesley Norton is the engineer
Phyllis McDermott is the EPM

Lesley is expecting to land the code by 9/27/19.

Summary: [meta] Dandelion X-Pollination Project for Fx Monitor and Fx Send → [meta] [Skyline] Dandelion X-Pollination Project for Fx Monitor and Fx Send
No longer depends on: 1528172

Thank you Frederik, the intent was not to link to this closed bug.

Where does this work actually land?

Assignee: nobody → lnorton
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Quick update: the work to add the bento to Firefox Send has been descoped from Firefox 70. The only property that will include the bento box in 70 is Firefox Monitor. The code is currently in a prototype state ready for the Monitor. website.

At this time, there are no changes to the browser chrome.

Data review request for the Monitor Bento implementation. We're unsure if it's needed, but wanted to get a review just in case.

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Summary: [meta] [Skyline] Dandelion X-Pollination Project for Fx Monitor and Fx Send → [meta] [Skyline] Dandelion X-Pollination Project for Fx Monitor
No longer depends on: fpcmblocking

(answering for Leslie): I assume the code was checked into github because it's for our web sites.

The associated Trello card is marked shipped and I see the bento box on our sites. (moco private link I assume, sorry)

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