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Switch to new GCP bouncer workers


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Rail gave me a tour in the new world today. It looks like we can switch to the new bouncer workers hosted by cloudops \o/

Incoming patch. For now just on nightlies until we test the netflows. Failing to update the bouncer-locations jobs in nightlies is not a big deal so we can afford the testing. Once netflows work and confirmed, we can uplift to betas to start testing bouncer-submission and bouncer-aliases.

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Switch to new GCP bouncer workers. r=rail a=release
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I turned on bouncer in nightlies for the bouncer-locations job. The worker exists in GCP, it claimed successfully, CoT passed but then it failed as it can't access bouncer.

2019-09-17 11:31:39,782 - bouncerscript.utils - INFO - Performing a GET request to with kwargs {'timeout': 60}
2019-09-17 11:31:39,900 - bouncerscript.utils - WARNING - Cannot access Cannot connect to host ssl:None [Name or service not known]

Full log is here. I'll file a bug to talk this to CloudOps.

Depends on: 1581795

Note to self: once bouncer prod is whitelisted, we need to rerun a nightly job and that should go green. Then we uplift to beta and that's it!
Note to self again: we don't need autoscaling in bouncer. One pod should suffice as we only have bouncer-locations (one job per nightly graphs), bouncer-submission x 2 (one per promotion graph x 2 (Nazgul))andbouncer-aliases` in ship phase of the release graphs.

I'll test this in the morning with taskgraph-diff against beta and graft to catch the 70.0b8. But that's train riding optimization, from GCP perspective, we can close this.

Note for posterity: we don't have autoscaling for this particular workertype because we have very few jobs for this across all trees.

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