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Installer should pass `-first-startup` flag to Firefox


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Bug 1576507 added a FirstStartup service, which is used to signal to Firefox that it can take some time for perf-tuning, downloading patches and experiments via Normandy, etc. before the UI is ready:

The reasoning behind this approach is that, since the installer invokes Firefox with ExecAndWaitForInputIdle, the installer progress bar will still be displayed until these initial first-startup tasks are completed. The user should not perceive any delay (or rather, any delay would appear to be a small part at the end of the install process, rather than a delay in the first startup of Firefox).

Currently FirstStartup has a hard 5-second time-out, so it will not drag the installation experience on indefinitely.

I tested that this works using the full installer:

  1. download installer from try run:
  2. Run Firefox (from installer) and load about:telemetry

firstStartup.statusCode should be set, to either 3 (SUCCESS) or 2 (TIMEOUT)

I attempted to test the stub installer, but couldn't figure out how to get it to run with my unsigned build from (bug 1580992) or my local server (not sure why). However, the way -first-startup is passed uses exactly the same NSIS macro (ExecAndWaitForInputIdle) in both installers, so I am confident that it will work once it's part of the signed Nightly builds.

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pass -first-startup flag to Firefox from stub and normal intallers r=mhowell
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