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Implement mid-session permission prompts


(Core :: WebVR, task)

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(Reporter: kip, Unassigned)


If an immersive XRSession has already been started, it's necessary to present an in-HMD permission prompts when Javascript requests access to features such as Camera and Microphone.

This will be first implemented as an "interstitial" UX, which pauses the immersive session, causing it to enter the "blur" state for this period.

This will be considered "trusted UI", and needs a mechanism (eg, a pre-established sigil image/object display) to ensure that it is not spoofed from WebXR content.

We need to know if we have to block enabling WebXR prior to implementation of the mid-session prompts.. I am hoping we can just make a "promise" that we will implement the mid-session prompt UX ASAP after landing WebXR, and may ignore permissions requests until that lands.

No longer blocking WebXR.

No longer blocks: 1419190
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