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Clicking an image with apz.allow_zooming should not zoom it


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Steps to reproduce:

In about:config, set apz.allow_zooming to true. Now everything can be pinched to zoom smoothly.
Open an image in a new tab and click it.

Actual results:

The clicked image zooms in. Pinching to zoom and then clicking to de-zoom seems to mess with the margins and zoom level.

Expected results:

Zooming can be done more naturally with pinch gesture, so click-to-zoom is unnecessary and the two conflicts.
Click-to-zoom should be disabled when apz.allow_zooming is enabled.

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Component: Untriaged → Panning and Zooming
Product: Firefox → Core

Thanks for the report. This isn't a blocker for shipping desktop zooming, but it's a useful UX improvement to consider as a follow-up.

Blocks: desktop-zoom
Priority: -- → P3
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