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16 years ago
what about integrating ping, traceroute and whois in mozilla 

how i mean that: near the button [Search] can be a dropdown-menu for the basic
network-tools like ping, traceroute and whois; the output can be rendered in a
new tab and the source can be taken from linux-sources of these tools

why needs a user these tools?: ping is always useful when you want to check if a
server/domain exists, how fast the connection is ...
traceroute is usefull to check the way the content take 
whois is usefull to check who actually is this behind a server

a second step can be formating the output of these tools for 'normally users'
INVALID - mozilla is a web browser, not a network diagnostics toolkit.

Also, those 'features' would just confuse 99% of people, while the remaining 1%
are capable of running such utilities manually.
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16 years ago
I concur. Especially w/o a URL scheme spec, I would be reluctant to support any
new protocol additions.

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15 years ago
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15 years ago
This is to add my wish that it be returned to active status. It has been argued
that ping and traceroute are beyond the ken of most users, but users know when
they aren't getting their mail, and at that point it would be useful for them to
be able to quickly find out if the problem is their internet access provider,
their mail server, or something in between. Yes, all those functions are
available using other tools, but this is a common function, easily implemented,
essentially already available as freeware, that only needs to be integrated into
Mozilla as a front end.

In my bug #194844, marked as a dupe of this one, I also requested network time
protocol (NTP) and spider functions to analyze sites and download (or upload)
entire sites, and provide reports on broken links, which would be an enhancement
of the HTML editor function.

Of course, this could also be a Mozdev add-on, and I have suggested this in that
forum, but I expect that this is a set of functions that everyone is going to
want, like the spellchecker, that will eventually become part of the main
Editor already has a feature to find missing links.

Yes, ping, traceroute, ntp, and so on are all useful tools. But they don't
belong in mozilla.


15 years ago
Summary: ping, traceroute, whois → add networking utilities (ping, traceroute, whois)

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13 years ago
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13 years ago
(In reply to comment #6)
> *** Bug 289608 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

What about dictionary then? Surely it would be handy to be able to right click
and lookup the meaning of a word on the fly.  
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