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web-platform-tests sometimes nests the contents of the whole file in the metadata multiple times


(Testing :: web-platform-tests, defect, P2)

Version 3


(firefox71 fixed)

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firefox71 --- fixed


(Reporter: birtles, Assigned: dheiberg)



(3 files)


(contains a nested [translate-interpolation.html] section under an existing [translate-interpolation.html] section)

produced by the merge from bug 1574607.

There are more examples in:

In some cases the nested block appears multiple times in the same file.

Note that I dropped a bunch of these in bug 1578125 but there may be more still left in the tree.

I think this is fallout from a bug in the mergedriver that the sync bot was using for ini files. The bug is fixed, and the driver is currently disabled for unrelated reasons. But we should clean up any leftovers in the tree; they aren't harmful but are confusing.

Note that this isn't coming from mach wpt-update so that's perfectly safe to use.

One thing to do here would be to just make mach wpt-update --full check for children of subtests and remove them when we are doing the other orphan cleanup. That would prevent people adding this kind of noise in the future.

dheiberg: Do you fancy modifying so that we check seen_subtests for children and add them to the list to remove if any?

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jgraham: sure, I'll have a look at that

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:jgraham, could you have a look please?

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dheiberg: Did you have an incomplete patch for this somewhere? I can try and ressurect it along with some other changes I need to make.

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jgraham: this is what I was trying but it did not seem to work. Or I was running it incorrectly?

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Priority: -- → P2
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Ensure removing a node from a manifest removes the underlying tree node, r=dheiberg
Remove subsubtest junk when doing a full metadata update, r=dheiberg
Created web-platform-tests PR for changes under testing/web-platform/tests
Upstream web-platform-tests status checks passed, PR will merge once commit reaches central.
Closed: 27 days ago
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla71
Upstream PR merged by moz-wptsync-bot
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