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[Translate.Next] Compare performance view current Translate app


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It is important to know how our new Translate.Next app compares to the current one in terms of performance. We do not want to ship a degraded experience to our users.

This bug covers collecting basic web performance data about Translate.Current and Translate.Next, and comparing that data, then using that to drive decisions on things to improve, if any.

Here's a first, basic test using, running on Firefox Desktop from the USA.

Translate Current

Full report:

Translate Next

Full report:


Measure Current Next
Load Time 2.407s 2.618s
First Byte 0.684s 0.334s
Start Render 1.100s 0.700s
Full Loading Time 3.563s 3.560s
Total Bytes 784 KB 897 KB
Total Requests 35 31


Quick analysis based on this simple test: overall performance don't seem to change much. Next is a bit slower to load overall, but starts rendering much earlier (as is expected, since the rendering happens on the client side). Byte size goes up a little, and we might want to look into that and make the JS bundles smaller.

This is a pretty reassuring test as it shows that there is nothing to be concerned about in the major data points: time to load, requests and bytes for Translate.Next are all within acceptable range from Current.

I'll still perform more advanced testing later on.

Whiteboard: tn-release

I'm actually going to be satisfied with just this result. We will conduct more analysis performance later on, and make optimizations as we go. The new translate page is fast enough compared to the old one.

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