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Expose WebGL OVR_multiview2 (remove draft-ext gate)


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Now that multiview was promoted from Draft to Community Approved, we should expose it to web content.

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Expose WebGL OVR_multiview2. r=lsalzman
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Expose WebGL OVR_multiview2. r=lsalzman
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Hi Fernando!
Here's some MDN documentation work that happened for this bug:

The new OVR_multiview2 extension is now mentioned on these pages: (added explanation for "OVR_")

New reference pages have been created:

New constants are mentioned on:

MDN Firefox 71 release notes announce it:

It will also be mentioned in the hacks blog post for Firefox 71. See the draft:

Browser compat data (to add compat tables to the MDN pages and to caniuse) is done in this PR:

Thanks for writing! I've linked it from MDN and from the hacks blog post. It looks like a very useful post to me!

Can you give the MDN docs a review? Thank you!

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Hi Florian,

The docs looks good! thanks for all the work. Just a nit, the link to multiview example in three, has changed to this url in the last release:

I have requested access to the gdocs and I'll take a look at that too.


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Thank you! I've updated the three.js link and I guess Chris will give you access to the hacks blog post draft.

Hi Florian,

The doc looks good too! thanks for all this great work about multiview :)

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