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Expanded megabar stays open after switching out of the Firefox window


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Firefox 71
71.2 - Sept 16 - 29
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This worked when bug 1579004 landed and appears to have broken in the time since. Dao, do you know what might have caused this?

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This is the focused property reflecting document.activeElement == inputField even in unfocused windows. If we don't want this for the megabar, we need to check the focused attribute. I'm not sure that we want to change this, as it seems like unnecessary movement when unfocusing and refocusing a window. The current behavior seems fine to me. I guess there's an argument to be made for making it easier to drag unfocused windows or something? Then again the same tradeoff exists for the focused window.

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I would say this should be fixed. Not fixing this introduces a new state to the Megabar, which is Expanded & Unfocused. This isn't part of the spec and also doesn't look good, at least on Mac – the bar lacks its border which gives it an unpolished look. At the very least a border should be added in this state.

I would say the movement seen when re-focusing the window is consistent with the Megabar design. When the user re-focuses the window, the Urlbar jumps out at them and is very prominent, which afaik is what we're going for with Megabar.

I agree with Harry, mostly the expanded megabar looks exotic, and that's fine when you connect it to a state like focused. with no state connection it makes Firefox look "broken".

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Attachment #9095529 - Attachment description: Bug 1583993 - Check both document.activeElement and the focused attribute in UrlbarInput::focused. r?dao → Bug 1583993 - Check the focused attribute in startLayoutExtend and endLayoutExtend. r?dao
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Check the focused attribute in startLayoutExtend and endLayoutExtend. r=dao
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