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Fix handling of multiple runs/repeats in wptreport files


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Currently using --repeat produces broken wptreport files and using --rerun produces incomplete data about each iteration. Fixing these should allow us to update intermittents from a single task that uses either --repeat or --rerun or both.

Previously this would have ended up with multiple JSON objects all put
on the same line and we'd be unable to update from such
metadata. Ensure that there's one line per JSON object and the update
code is able to consume this format.

Previously when running with --rerun=N we added all the subtest results
to the previous test results and so got all N iterations of each
subtest result, but only one of each test result. Instead ensure that
top-level tests are added each time they are run, allowing multiple
test results.

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Fix handling multiple repeats in wptreport logs, r=maja_zf
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Allow handling multiple reruns in wptreport.json files, r=maja_zf
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