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Use only paths relative to the repository in chrome-map.json


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I'm working on the code-coverage web platform with Marco.

We use the aggregated lcov output from *-ccov tasks, built from chrome-map.json, jsvm output and lcov_rewriter.
Our own task check that all files from that output are available in a local mozilla-central clone

We have 2 issues with the current chrome-map.json output:

  1. Some files are prefixed by obj-firefox/$SRCDIR, due to a misuse of mozpath.relpath (issue on our repo)
  2. Some files have absolute paths, generally using /builds/worker/workspace/build/tests/ that do not match directly a file in the repo (issue on our repo)

I made a naive patch for the first issue, removing $SRCDIR from the paths in generate_pp_info.
A try run on that patch gives a better chrome-map.json

I'm not familiar enough with the chrome-map build to know if this is the right approach, or if I should patch directly the lcov_rewriter.
Chris, could you give me your input here ? Thanks !

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See Also: → 1522304

Hmm, I think we fell out of date with respect to a pre-processor change in bug 1528892. I haven't looked too closely at your patch but what you're proposing sounds reasonable.

Curiously the raw srcdir seems to appear mostly at the start of files under _tests, probably due to the full path here: not being what we expect for files under _tests, although it's not clear why.

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Remove $SRCDIR prefix in chrome map generation, r=chmanchester
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