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[meta] Tag infrastructure changes into Graphs view


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There's ongoing work that attempts to centralize all infrastructure changes into a changelog. I believe it will have records that include the timestamp of the change + a short summary, maybe a hyperlink to the PRs.

We need to take this into consideration and automatically tag this info into our Graphs view.
Perf sheriffs will greatly benefit from this, as they won't be that puzzled when investigating infra caused regressions.

Also, Perf sheriffs should be able to leave some notes on these tags, similar to how they leave notes for alert summaries. This mechanism will allow them to confirm a particular infra changes as a culprit or not.

Tarek, do we have some bugs filed for centralizing these infra changelogs? So I can link them here as dependencies.

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Not yet, I'll add one this week once I know where it needs to be done thanks

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Priority: -- → P3
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