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[meta] ServiceWorkers e10s redesign - QA bug tracking


(Core :: DOM: Service Workers, task, P2)

74 Branch



Webcompat Priority fixed
Performance Impact fixed
a11y-review fixed
Tracking Status
relnote-firefox --- fixed
thunderbird_esr91 fixed fixed
thunderbird_esr102 fixed fixed
firefox-esr102 fixed fixed
firefox71 --- disabled
firefox72 --- disabled
firefox73 --- disabled
firefox74 --- affected
firefox111 fixed fixed
firefox112 fixed fixed
firefox113 fixed fixed


(Reporter: avaida, Assigned: atrif)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This is a meta bug used by QA to keep track of all the new bugs found for the ServiceWorkers e10s redesign feature during testing.

See Also: → 1559896
Target Milestone: mozilla71 → mozilla72
Version: 71 Branch → 72 Branch
Depends on: 1592911
Depends on: 1593003

:atrif, is it common practice to mark this kind of QA meta-bug as "task" rather than "defect" ? I'd expect it to collect defects and thus to be kinda meta-defect.

Flags: needinfo?(alexandru.trif)

Hi Jens. It is common practice for us to create the QA meta bugs as tasks-- we wanted to clearly differentiate these from actual bugs we file. But I get your point. If this is something that's messing with your workflow, we can change it. Please let me know.

Flags: needinfo?(alexandru.trif) → needinfo?(jstutte)
Target Milestone: mozilla72 → mozilla73
Version: 72 Branch → 73 Branch

No, it's mainly your workflow, so I am fine with this - I am just learning, how QA is organized. Thanks!

Flags: needinfo?(jstutte)
Depends on: 1612300

This has been moved to 74 (bug 1610888), updating the flags accordingly.

Target Milestone: mozilla73 → mozilla74
Version: 73 Branch → 74 Branch
Depends on: 1616000
Severity: normal → S3
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