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Password Manager using Secret Service


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Expected results:

It would be great if Firefox uses the Secret Service API as an additional Password Manager. The Secret Service is the API that is implemented by the Gnome Keyring and KWallet. I know there is an Add-on1 for the Gnome Keyring, but it is not compatible with the latest Firefox.

For this API Firefox or an Add-on has to communicate with the Session DBus.

Component: Untriaged → Security
OS: Unspecified → Linux

This probably supersedes bug 278343

What will happen with this bug, now?

AFAIK kwallet does not implement secret service. There was initial work on KSecretService, but it never completed.

I would like to add that KeePassXC supports this.

KDE support for Secrets Service DBus API is almost done and wait to merge.

Severity: normal normal → S3 S3
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