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How to contribute new feature: "View Source" page dark theme option


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Steps to reproduce:

Developed dark theme option for the "View Source" page. This allows the user to toggle between the default (light) and new (dark) theme style sheets. The option is serialized on exit and restored in the same manner as the existing options and the last used setting is used when creating a new tab. For performance reasons, I modified the C++ code to remove the default link (stylesheet) element from being attached to the head of the View Source page. Javascript is then employed to add the correct stylesheet upon creation of the page. Similar to the word wrapping and syntax highlighting, a class is added to the body for the dark theme setting which the JS code then uses to affix the proper stylesheet to the head.

Actual results:

no test code yet, waiting on approval.

I wil set a component for this enhancement. We wait for a response from dev's team side if the option "Use Dark Theme" should be added below the "Syntax Highlighting".

Component: Untriaged → View Source
Ever confirmed: true
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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