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Staged rollout of new bookmark sync in Firefox 70


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We'd like to gradually roll out new bookmark sync to all users in Firefox 70 release, following the process for staged feature rollouts via Normandy.

  • Date to start: 22 October 2019.
  • Contact: Lina Cambridge (Sync Engineering)
  • The code does not use the FeatureGate library.
  • Target audience: Firefox 70, all locales, all platforms.
  • Pref to flip: services.sync.bookmarks.buffer.enabled, from false (default value) to true.
  • Playbook: Lower risk.


  1. Roll the new bookmarks engine out in Release 70, using this process. Disable if we see significant issues in our telemetry dashboard.
  2. Permanently enable the new engine by default in Beta 71, keeping the pref, but with the value set to true by default.
  3. If the rollout in 70 is successful, uplift (2) to release, so that it can ride along for a 70 dot release. If not, uplift a patch to Beta 71 to revert (2), so that it doesn't go out to Release 71.
  4. Completely remove the old engine in 72.

Liz, WDYT about this plan? New bookmark sync has been baking on Nightly and Beta for the last two cycles (since bug 1548884), and we've set up a dashboard to keep an eye on errors.

Rebecca and I will meet next Thursday, 17 October, to do a final test session with the pref manually flipped on in Beta 70.

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Sounds like this is well planned out, I like that you have a dashboard all ready. This needs a release process exception form though - mostly a formality.

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See Also: → 1587359

This needs a release process exception form though - mostly a formality.


Blocks: 1588005

The rollout started as planned and I don't think we need to keep this bug open; I'll track it in Experimenter.

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