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Thunderbird 68 lacks native support for minimize/close to tray/panel and breaks nearly all AddOns that provide it


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Steps to reproduce:

Tried to keep Thunderbird running in the background - on my panel or on my tray. It makes sense to run an e-mail client in the background like that, doesn't it? (One can simply minimise Thunderbird, but what is wanted is that Thunderbird keep running when the close button is pressed.)

Actual results:

Without any AddOn providing the functionality: what I want is impossible. And at present all AddOns that provide this feature - except one that is Linux only and that one must build oneself - have been broken by changes to Thunderbird.

Expected results:

I should be able to minimize to tray/taskbar what have you - even when using the close button. (Why? Well, for one thing, users of those AddOns have got used to it. Thus, the change is 'breaking userspace.')

In one of the several bug reports (#1486221) devoted to this issue, a developer writes: 'we've got the message. ' That was ten months ago. Also: I hear Thunderbird is going to incorporate the AddOn Enigmail. Well, why not do the same with one of the MinimizeToTray extensions?

It is great to have interest - but please refrain from creating duplicate bug reports.

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Is someone working on this issue?

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Is someone working on this issue?

This bug has been resolved as a duplicate of bug 1486221 which you can review and follow.

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