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De-list Firefox Preview Release internal beta track named "nightly"


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We now have the Firefox Preview Nightly app, so we can do the following:

  1. Delist the Firefox Preview (org.mozilla.fenix) internal closed track "nightly". Relman/Julien?, please delist so users cannot find and sign up for the closed beta anymore.

  2. Stop publishing to this closed beta "nightly" track - Mitch, is that something you'd do?

For sure, I can stop publishing to the internal "nightly" track for the production app.
When do we want to stop updating it? There are still a lot of users on it right now, right?

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When the internal "nightly" track is delisted, will "nightly" track users still receive updates, stop receiving updates, or be switched to Firefox Preview's public track?

When we de-list the "legacy nightly", we'll coordinate and stop pushing new nightly releases to that track at the same time.
So, "legacy nightly" users will no longer receive nightly releases. Fortunately, they'll be shuffled to the "production" track upon the next "production" release.
To move "legacy nightly" users to the new "nightly", they'll have to manually install that separate app.

Hi Mitch, yes, there are still some users there, but we've messaged to the group that we will stop pushing updates and suggested that they move to the Firefox Preview Nightly app if they want to continue receiving nightly updates.

We've also found that people have been very confused having two identical "nightly" apps (both FP and FPN) so this is a good time to stop updating the internal track.

Mitch, you can stop publishing to the internal track at any time, no need to wait for the app to get de-listed - these can be done totally independently, and the extra work involved in coordinating both together is not worth the trouble.

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The nightly track is now deactivated.

PR has landed, track has been deactivated. Closing this

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