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[translate] Localize All Resources and All Projects in main navigation


(Webtools :: Pontoon, enhancement, P3)



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(Reporter: mathjazz, Assigned: kathiekim95, Mentored)


(Whiteboard: outreachyround19)

The "All Resources" and "All Projects" entries in the main navigation need to be localized.

You can find them in the Resource menu (access it by clicking on "playground" in http://localhost:8000/projects/tutorial/playground/), where they are localized, but after you select them and they appear in the main navigation, they are no longer localized. You can confirm that by using pseudo-localization.

This bug covers:

  • wrapping the unlocalized strings in <Localized> components;
  • giving them proper l10n IDs;
  • adding the content to the en-US reference .ftl file;
  • building the docker image (make shell) and verifying, using pseudo-localization, that the content is now localized.

The component's files are:

The localization file is:

Please note that this is a Translate.Next bug. More instructions must be followed in order to be able to work on it locally:

Hi Matjazz, what do I have to do to be assigned in this bug that we talked earlier? and also, what about this contribution from Pontoon : ? Does it count as Outreachy contribution tasks?

Juan, the bug is now assigned to you.

Pontoon translations are welcome, but they don't directly count as Outreachy contribution tasks.

Assignee: nobody → enanobigoton

Okay! thanks a lot

As agreed via email, assigning to Katherine.

Assignee: enanobigoton → kathiekim95

Thanks @Matjaz, I am currently analyzing this task then I start working on it.

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I am trying to reproduce this issue but I am facing an issue understanding it. Currently I see "All Resources" entry has been localized except for "All Projects". Is that okay?

"All Resources" and "All Projects" should both appear unaccented (i.e. unlocalized) on these two links in the main navigation bar:

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I now see what you mean. This "The "All Resources" and "All Projects" entries in the main navigation need to be localized." was abit confusing.
Thank you @Matjaz

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Correct! Also - no need to needinfo. :)

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okay noted. Thanks :-)

Will it be okay, if "Resource" and "Progress" are unlocalized in the main navigation drop down?

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Let's continue the discussion in the PR. And again - please DO NOT needinfo me. :)

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I am very sorry. I apologize for misusing needinfo. I actually thought it is used when one needs information from the mentor. I am learning to use bugzilla.

I am sorry once again.

Closed: 6 months ago
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