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[translate] Localize Machinery sources


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(Reporter: mathjazz, Assigned: dinda.rachmat, Mentored)


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The Machinery sources and their title attributes in the Machinery tab need to be localized (except Company names and Trademarks).

This bug covers:

  • wrapping the unlocalized strings in <Localized> components;
  • giving them proper l10n IDs;
  • adding the content to the en-US reference .ftl file;
  • building the docker image (make shell) and verifying, using pseudo-localization, that the content is now localized.

The JS file is:

The localization file is:

Please note that this is a Translate.Next bug. More instructions must be followed in order to be able to work on it locally:

Should I try to get this one done?


Assignee: nobody → dinda.rachmat
Attached image machinery.png

hi :mathjazz

I have trouble locating your screenshot. Is it in machinery tab on translation menu? Because I all can see is like on my attached screenshot. I also have difficulty on how to wrap the <Localized /> tag. Because the string is inside the property of an object.

And when I looked at the JS file you refer to frontend/src/core/api/machinery.js sometimes sources.type is translatable (without company names & trademarks) like the one on this :

But on the same property of sources.type it has company name like this one :

So, can you please give me hints what should I do to make it localizable?

Yes, this is the Machinery tab. Are you confused because you don't see Translation Memory entries? Try to submit a translation to one of the two strings that are the same (or almost the same) and observe the Machinery tab when you open the other one. Maybe "a string" and "a strong" would do.

Check out how we localize notifications, maybe that will give you a hint on how you can localize:

The only localizable sources.type is "Translation Memory".

All sources.title are localizable.

Closed: 4 months ago
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