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Latest Firefox Preview Nightly doesn't have a $version in Remote Debugging


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STR: Connext Firefox Preview Nightly in Remote Debugging

AR: Title is Firefox Preview Nightly ({$version})

ER: Version shown

Thanks for filing, mentioned it in

Initial workaround was to use a version retrieved from ADB as explained in

The exact code we are using at the moment to retrieve the version is

  async init() {
    const packageName = this._packageName();
    const query = `dumpsys package ${packageName} | grep versionName`;
    const versionNameString = await shell(, query);
    const matches = versionNameString.match(/versionName=([\d.]+)/);
    if (matches && matches[1]) {
      this._versionName = matches[1];

It looks like the version number is now Nightly 191016 06:01 on Nightly builds of Firefox Preview, so it no longer matches our regexp. We can update the regexp to be a bit more flexible, but I mentioned it in #fission on slack because this seems weird as a version number.

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Fixed it but it's not looking great :)

The format of the Fenix versionName on Nightly no longer matches our regular expression.
Updating the regular expression to accommodate both versions such as "2.1.0" and "Nightly 191016 06:01"

Fixed it but it's not looking great :)

Mh, but probably good enough for Nightly for the moment.

For some more context, the version format changed in
The goal was to have more granularity and avoid clashes when several builds occur on the same day.
The actual format is not set in stone and might be updated later if the fenix team decides to do so.

The release version format remains X.Y.Z

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Update regular expression used in ADB to extract Fenix version r=ladybenko
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