when page in new tab finishes loading, mozilla window raises to front



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16 years ago
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(Reporter: Jean-Philippe Martin, Assigned: jag (Peter Annema))


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16 years ago
When a tab has finished loading, the Mozilla window raises to the front and
steals focus. 

Steps to reproduce:

1) Make sure Edit|Preferences|Open new tabs in background is unchecked
   (otherwise nothing bad happens)
2) Load any web page, right click on a link and select "open link in new tab"
3) Put some other window in front of Mozilla (an xterm for example)

observed behavior:

when the page in the tab finishes loading, Mozilla raises in front of the xterm
window and steals focus

expected behavior:

Mozilla remains in the background and the xterm keeps focus.

I'm using Moz 1.1b 20020722; Mozilla 1.1alpha did not exhibit that behavior.

Comment 1

16 years ago
I can't reproduce this on linux 2002080508 branch but believe to have seen this
on older builds. Could you try a new nigthly from:

Thank's for testing mozilla.

Comment 2

16 years ago
I see this on Linux 1.0 branch 2002080507. Mozilla raises to foreground, but
does *not* get focus, unlike the original description says.

I have been seeing this for some time now. In fact, I described it in Bug
158001, which is related to this bug (the window which autoraised to foreground
keeps getting Ctrl+Mouse Wheel events even after another Mozilla window has been
brought to foreground).

Re Additional Comment #1: Is there indeed a Linux 2002080508 branch build ? As I
say, I have 2002080507, which is just an hour earlier.

Comment 3

16 years ago
Confirming based on comments. I'm not sure whether the component is correct,
please reassign if wrong.
Ever confirmed: true

Comment 4

16 years ago
Oops, I must correct slightly the statements in Additional Comment #2. The
window which autoraises to foreground does in fact get focus (it gets keyboard
and mouse events), only the window decoration stays gray (I am using WindowMaker).

Comment 5

16 years ago
In reply to Comment #1:

I got a newer version (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.1b)
Gecko/20020806, build ID 2002080614). The bug is still there: mozilla raises to
front when the tab finishes loading.

This does not occur when opening in the same window or in a new window, only
when opening to new tab. 

New findings:

I'd like to append my remarks: with this newer build I have not been able to
observe the stealing of focus. Testing back witht the older one, I was not able
to reproduce this either. This is probably my mistake, I must have had the mouse
in the area where Mozilla emerged and focus-follows-mouse must have given it focus.

Also, further experimentation has shown that the raising only happens if Mozilla
does not have focus. Everything goes fine if Moz has focus (i.e, it stays under
whichever windows cover it). Everything is also fine if another Mozilla window
has focus (i.e. load new tab in (lower) mozilla window 1, move focus to mozilla
window2 - no window raises to front). It is only when the focus is moved to
another application that the Mozilla window raises to front when the new tab is

Hope that helps
QA Contact: sairuh → pmac

Comment 6

14 years ago
I tried this again with Mozilla 1.5b (the about box says "&brandShortName; 1.5b
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.5b) Gecko/20030827"... weird) and I
could not reproduce the bug anymore. Is this fixed? Does anyone still see the
incorrect behavior?
Severity: normal → enhancement

Comment 7

14 years ago
Can't reproduce either. Marking WorksForMe.
Last Resolved: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Product: Core → SeaMonkey
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