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[Track Changes] Every keystroke shown as a change


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I don't have a concrete STR but hopefully the screenshot gives some hints.

I've seen this a few times where the Changes panel shows every keystroke I've entered. I believe the initial value I entered was grid-template-rows: 1fr 1fr. When I tried to turn that into repeat(2, 1fr) things started to go haywire.

(Interestingly I never entered the \ escape characters. DevTools decided to enter those for me and I had to delete them. Not sure why. Also, when I entered the extra closing ) after adding minmax, DevTools swallowed it because the next character was \ so I needed to enter it twice.)

(And yet another totally unrelated observation, the property would be marked as invalid when I had minmax(1fr, auto) since apparently that's not valid. It would be nice if DevTools could tell me why it's not valid.)

There are quite a few cases where this happens (See Bug 1529419).

Best guess so far is that the string is escaped before being sent from the client to to the server. Something gets lost in translation and the Changes panel believes the escaped string is new. This gets compounded over time.

I will prioritize looking into this. There are other use cases which cause this, like typing a font family value with quotes.

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Priority: -- → P2
See Also: → 1529419

I just found other STRs. All keystrokes are tracked when using quotes, as in my example where I tried to enter font-family: 'zilla slab'.

Whiteboard: [dt-q]
Duplicate of this bug: 1627455
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Here's a video of the bug in action.

All keystrokes are tracked when using quotes

It also seems to be the case that this bugs appears with parentheses in the property value.

Severity: normal → S2

Hi Razvan, can you confirm here if you're targeting 79 for this S2?

Flags: needinfo?(rcaliman)

Hi Rachel, I'll put it on my list but I can't guarantee yet if it will make it in 79.
I'll have a better answer after I investigate it a bit.

Flags: needinfo?(rcaliman)

Razvan, I don't think this is S2, so changing to S3, but keeping in P2 for DevTools
But, let me know if you think otherwise, thanks!


Severity: S2 → S3

Agreed, S3 P2 sounds good.

Assignee: rcaliman → nobody
Summary: Every keystroke shown as a change → [Track Changes] Every keystroke shown as a change
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